Pink Transparent Star


about the webmistress...

  name: sage
  age: 25 (6/18/1998)
  living in: pennsylvania, usa
  religion: none/atheist
  relationship status: happily taken :)


  also on:

etsy (shop) | ⊳ tumblr 1
tumblr 2 | ⊳ letterboxd
my anime list

likes & dislikes...


⊳ coffee, tea, and blueberry redbull
⊳ horror media
⊳ anime and manga
⊳ clowncore
⊳ jfashion, especially menhera and gothic lolita
⊳ kuromi-chan and gloomybear
⊳ tarantulas and mantis shrimp
⊳ fat bong rips


(do not interact) abusers, racists, homophobes, transphobes, pedophiles, and zoophiles
⊳ crypto/NFT culture
⊳ capitalism and my college debt
⊳ cucumbers, raw onions, and raw tomatoes
⊳ most sports
⊳ rooms without windows
⊳ having depression lol


  cross stitching:

kinda like pixel art but with cloth and thread! this is one of my favorite ways to relax while still feeling productive, and i also sell some of my work on etsy.

  card games, board games, & ttrpgs:

i've always really enjoyed board games and card games, but they have peaked my interest again now that i've had the opportunity to play so many different ones thanks to my friends, who have started to collect them. because i'm a big fan of horror, i obviously like the ones in that genre the best. but i also really like chill games like Ticket to Ride! i've also played a campaign of D&D and enjoyed it, so I want to get into more ttrpgs like Monster of the Week or The Secrets of Cats sometime.

  doing my nails:

i'm definitely still an amateur, but i like to use polygel acrylic to give myself nail sets rather than going to a salon. it's really fun to experiment with different designs and decorations!

  website coding:

i started this site because i was getting sick of twitter and other social media and i noticed one of my friends was using neocities. i learned basic coding in high school and have just been teaching myself via the internet since then. i really enjoy coding and learning new ways to make my website better. (:

I'm honeydew bubble tea! I am brie! Take the Japanese word quiz What Type of -dere Are You? Which Madoka Magica Girl Are You? I am a Bug catcher!