Pink Transparent Star


about the webmistress...

  name: sage
  age: 24 | (6/18/1998)
  living in: pennsylvania, usa
  religion: none/atheist
  relationship status: happily taken :)


  also on:

etsy (shop) | ⊳ tumblr 1
tumblr 2 | ⊳ letterboxd
my anime list

likes & dislikes...


⊳ coffee, tea, and blueberry redbull
⊳ horror media
⊳ anime and manga
⊳ clowncore
⊳ jfashion, especially menhera and gothic lolita
⊳ kuromi-chan and gloomybear
⊳ tarantulas and mantis shrimp
⊳ fat bong rips


(do not interact) abusers, racists, homophobes, transphobes, pedophiles, and zoophiles
⊳ crypto/NFT culture
⊳ capitalism and my college debt
⊳ cucumbers, raw onions, and raw tomatoes
⊳ most sports
⊳ rooms without windows
⊳ having depression lol


  cross stitching:

kinda like pixel art but with cloth and thread! this is one of my favorite ways to relax while still feeling productive, and i also sell some of my work on etsy.

  dungeons + dragons:

i started playing my first campaign with a small group of friends in april of 2022! my character is a female half-elf paladin who's basically me but if i was a very muscular "edgy sue". i'm still very new to roleplaying but i enjoy it a lot, especially because my friends are great and make me laugh pretty much every session.

  doing my nails:

i'm definitely still an amateur, but i like to use polygel acrylic to give myself nail sets rather than going to a salon. it's really fun to experiment with different designs and decorations!

  website coding:

i started this site because i was getting sick of twitter and other social media and i noticed one of my friends was using neocities. i learned basic coding in high school and have just been teaching myself via the internet since then. i really enjoy coding and learning new ways to make my website better. (: