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hello there and thank you for checking out my site! this is where i ramble about my interests and hobbies. i'm relatively new to coding, so this will probably be a constant work in progress. anyway, i hope you enjoy your visit to angel's egg.

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oopsies... haven't done anything with the site in over a month. i just got a little burnt out on coding i guess and i've just been focusing on other things. my therapist and i agree that i most likely have ADHD, which kinda helps give insight into why i pick up so many hobbies and hyperfixate on things then will totally abandon a project when another hyperfixation comes along. oh, and i got enough comments complaining about the scanlines on my pages that i decided to remove them. leave an "RIP" in the cbox if you miss them, lol.

while i was gone, i bleached my hair blonde and added some pink toner to it. i was going to re-dye it a darker color, but decided the blonde was cute and that i'll keep it for a bit. i also made a new friend! they're my new coworker and they are super kind, funny, and easy to talk to. i pushed myself out of my comfort zone and asked to hang out outside of work, and since then we have hung out several times and we even went to a trans rights rally/protest together. we also just work really well as a team at work, which makes everything so much easier. another thing i did since my last post was was read the troop by nick cutter, which was fantastic and i will definitely be reviewing in the future. all the horror content i've been consuming kinda inspired me to write a poem (which i haven't done in ages) if you wanna check it out. it's probably not that good but you gotta strike while the iron is hot or whatever.

in a little less than a month i'll be turning 25, which is super weird because it feels like my high school graduation could have been yesterday when in reality it's been 7 years. i've earned a 4-year degree and worked 9 different jobs, but it feels like it all went by so fast. i just get really weird and existential around my birthday because time is such a fucky-wucky concept. :b


so apparently menheratic, the tumblr page dedicated to posting english translations of information about menhera fashion/culture, has been bullied off of the site. people were sending the mods death threats as well as threatening to dox them, which was causing the mods to feel unsafe on the site and negatively impacting their mental health. i used to be on their discord server but it's not there anymore, so that may have been shut down as well. it's really upsetting that people were being so hostile when all the mods of menheratic wanted to do was inform people about menhera. i know some people thought that they came off as a bit harsh when someone would send an ask that had a misunderstanding or incorrect term, but i think a lot of that was people being defensive because they took personal offense to being corrected about something on a public platform. i just wish people were not so hateful online, especially to mentally ill people.

on another note, i just finished watching all of the Hellraiser movies! some of them really sucked but the first 4 were pretty good in my opinion. it was also funny to see some recognizable actors in the movies that i never would have guessed would be. for example, Adam Scott plays an evil French dude in Hellraiser: Bloodline. also, Henry Caville is one of the main characters in Hellraiser: Hellword. my boyfriend did not believe me at first so i had to look up the cast to prove it to him. plus, Lance Henriksen (best known for playing Bishop in Aliens) has a big role in Hellworld, which was cool. i plan to rewatch the 2022 remake soon so that i can write a proper review now that i have seen all of the previous films.