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i've always been into "scary" stuff; i wrote/drew a comic about a teenage killer clown named "zoey" when i was in 4th grade (if anyone wants me to try to track that down let me know). i think i started to watch "scary movies" around 5th grade, and now when i watch a movie, it's almost exclusively horror. i may have some true crime related things on this page, but i acknowledge that it's a whole different thing than fictional horror and it's important to be respectful of the victims. with that being said, i hope you enjoy looking through my horror corner!

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my "hall of fame" (not in any particular order)



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fantasticland by mike bockoven

well first, i'd like to thank my friends randie and sav for suggesting that i read this book and also for letting me borrow their copy.

clicking on the book cover will lead you to the goodreads page where you can read a full synopsis. tdlr; teens working at a huge amusement park get flooded in during a hurricane. the situation quickly devolves into violence and bloodshed. the story is told through a series of interviews of those involved, attempting to answer the question of why so many kids died despite having an adequate amount of food, water, and shelter to keep everyone safe. (fiction)

my *spoiler-free* thoughts.   .   .   .

there could not have been a better time for me to read this book, considering i finished it around the same time i was buying my season pass for kennywood park. i think the fact that i was getting ready for the park reopening helped me get more absorbed in the book, visualizing the description of the fictional fantasticland park more vividly than i might with other books. when areas of the park came into play, in my mind i likened them to similar areas in kennywood, silly as that sounds. kennywood is definitely far smaller than fantasticland is depicted (rivaling disney), but of course i used a little imagination as well.

fantasticland is a wonderful mix of genres: thriller, disaster, psychological, and a gorefest with some social commentary sprinkled in. my friends warned me that it was brutal, but as a desensitized horror movie junkie, i didn't think it would have much more of an impact than anything i've seen. well, i was dead wrong. reading this book gave me some intense gutteral reactions and forced a gasp of shock from my lips several times. something about reading about such atrocities for some reason hits harder than watching something on the screen, in my opinion. i should also give props to the author, who brought each character alive enough for me to feel genuinely heartbroken if/when they died.

⊳ would i recommend it?     yes, absolutely

⊳ rating?       4/5 stabs

⊳ trigger warning(s):   viscera, r*pe mention (not described)