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neocities tips/advice:

if you update your site and the changes aren't showing, go to your browser's history and clear the cache; when you refresh your site the changes should show!
what is directlinking/hotlinking? this refers to when you see an image on someone else's site, right click, select "copy image address", and use that as the src for the image on your site.
     why is this discouraged? doing this ends up using bandwidth from the site you took the image from, which can make it take longer to load. as a general rule of thumb, you should download the image and upload it to a neocities folder or other image sharing site like or imgur, then use the url from that as your image src.
some people will be mean, especially when you first start out. one thing i've noticed in the neocities community is that some people who know how to code well and have lots of practice tend to feel and act superior to those who are learning rather than trying to be helpful and encouraging. try not to take it personally and just do what makes you happy!
  other stuff!  

      - night spirit studio
      - the witchy stitcher
      - cross stitch quest
      - needleminder lair
      - pulp stitchin aberdeen
      - DMC free patterns

nail inspo:
      - magical nails by hg
      - kuku_nail_kumeda
      - emily susanah
      - dejauwo
      - miyuchi
      - rosenail
      - kyopppe
      - fleuri nails

cute/cool things:
      - kemonokapi
      - kure-channel
      - z_cube_
      - pipandpop
      - yuri sekiya art
      - etellan
      - crunchycat luna
      - konatsuya
      - creamheroes
      - doublemaximus art
      - forlorn moon clothing                  (someone i know!)
      - cryptid paw
      - slocotion / holly gardner
      - plushie whimsies (also                   someone i know!!)
      - kiwimi japan

sozai & other web material:
myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

atelier n - fantasy/galaxy web materials
HP sozai - simple and cute site decor
webcreations by jumpy - lots of cute/retro graphics
cocorini - tumblr with pastel themes and backgrounds
huge weebly page of sanrio & san-x sozai
website "diy"
rv's free web-scripts - cool javascript effects
90's cursor effects - javascripts for your site cursors
fc2 counter - access and online counters with a variety of styles
violablu - site counters, calendars, etc.
hekate's button maker - make an 88x31 site button
gigaglitters - glitter text generator
pookatoo - spooky/gothic text generator
cooltext - fonts & custom text generator
da font - lots of fonts
tentacool's fontcity - even more fonts! - animate text into a gif
computer hope - huge list of color hex codes
HTML/CSS/Java - free editor and tools, i mainly use the css generators
hover.css - css hover effects
photopea - basically free photoshop, no download required
transluscent - semi-transparent backgrounds of different colors
background-tiles - lots of retro-looking seamless tiled backgrounds
pollcode - make free polls for your site
HTML comment box - free comment box that can be easily edited to suit your site's aesthetic
san-x wallpapers
sanrio character goodies