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so apparently menheratic, the tumblr page dedicated to posting english translations of information about menhera fashion/culture, has been bullied off of the site. people were sending the mods death threats as well as threatening to dox them, which was causing the mods to feel unsafe on the site and negatively impacting their mental health. i used to be on their discord server but it's not there anymore, so that may have been shut down as well. it's really upsetting that people were being so hostile when all the mods of menheratic wanted to do was inform people about menhera. i know some people thought that they came off as a bit harsh when someone would send an ask that had a misunderstanding or incorrect term, but i think a lot of that was people being defensive because they took personal offense to being corrected about something on a public platform. i just wish people were not so hateful online, especially to mentally ill people.

on another note, i just finished watching all of the Hellraiser movies! some of them really sucked but the first 4 were pretty good in my opinion. it was also funny to see some recognizable actors in the movies that i never would have guessed would be. for example, Adam Scott plays an evil French dude in Hellraiser: Bloodline. also, Henry Caville is one of the main characters in Hellraiser: Hellword. my boyfriend did not believe me at first so i had to look up the cast to prove it to him. plus, Lance Henriksen (best known for playing Bishop in Aliens) has a big role in Hellworld, which was cool. i plan to rewatch the 2022 remake soon so that i can write a proper review now that i have seen all of the previous films.


okay so this website, Sterling Silver , followed me and several others on neocities is really weird and i'm convinced it's an ARG. all of the pictures on the website are pretty clearly AI-generated, but somebody is putting a lot of work into writing fake blog posts and creating a narrative that includes a whole group of (fake) people. if you choose to browse the site be warned that if you click on the "cams" section, you might see some AI-generated boobs or penises. there is a disclaimer on the website as well, but i figured i should give an extra warning. i was also kind obsessively checking the cams a few times a day because it's so weird, and i did end up seeing some genitalia. i eventually realized that there is probably a set number of pictures of each of Sterling's friends because i have seen some of them repeated. i'm just so confused about the purpose of the ARG because all of the blog posts just seem like normal college girl stuff and doesn't really allude to anything too sinister.

i also noticed today that there is a second site called LivLaughLove, which belongs to Sterling's mom, Olivia. it's very similar, with AI-generated photos and lengthy blog posts. she also has a few recipes, because moms love to cook i guess? (i wonder if they're actually any good or if the ARG is just an elaborate scheme to trick people into making god-awful food lol) you can learn more about the (fake) family if you read through the family tree section. something else that's different about this site is that it has a "content filter" that you can find the code to turn off as well as a "lockbox" that is supposed to contain extra stuff that's more private which you can also find a code to open. i tooled around a bit and found out that the code to the filter is 1976 and the code to the lockbox is 1994. unfortunately the site is unfinished so there isn't anything in the lockbox yet, but one of the blog posts says that she will be posting a picture of her husband skinny-dipping. idk... i guess ARGs don't necessarily have to be scary/creepy but i'm still very confused and curious about the trajectory of these two weird sites.

yes i know i'm weird for being so obsessive about these sites but oh well! on another note, i played a board game called The Search for Planet X with my friends over the weekend and it was really fun, i'd highly reccommend it!


today i learned that a baby crocodile is called a hatchling, which is absolutely adorable.

also, i apologize if the site is dead for a lil bit. not sure if anyone reads this and would care anyway lol. a friend of mine commissioned me to make her 5 keychains of studio ghibli characters so i've been working on that and i also have two birthday parties to go to this week, so i'm busier than usual.


lately i've been thinking about little things that i did as a kid that i kind of "grew out of" as an adult for whatever reason. i'm also curious if they're somewhat universal experiences, such as how lots of people would imagine a man running along the guard rail when they would look out of the window of a moving car (something i definitely did as a child). i remember making myself laugh by talking into the standing fan at my dad's house because of how the spinning plastic blades would distort my voice. i also remember loving to hold my hand over the light of a flashlight because it would make my hand look like it was glowing orange/pinkish, and picking up maple seeds because they spun to the ground like little helicopters. maybe it's because i'm in my mid-20's and it's really hitting me that i'm not a kid anymore, i'm not sure. it just sucks that in order to be mature, you have to let go of some of the imagination and playfulness you had as a kid.

on another note, my dad told me he had a dream last night that he was inside one of his beehives talking to/praising his bees, which is pretty funny. he also messaged me a bunch of pictures of Austeja, the Lithuanian goddess of bees.


a website review video by voupie that i'm in was uploaded to youtube today! if you're interested you can watch it here.

also, yesterday i learned an interesting Dutch word: swaffelen (to hit one's soft or semi-hard penis - often repeatedly - against an object or another person's body). kinda odd that it happens often enough in Holland for there to be a special word for it.

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